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Polini Parts is the source for high-quality, reliable parts for thor motors and polini bike parts. We have a wide selection of parts and shipping is world wide. We have the largest supply of Polini parts in the US And Products not in stock are usually available within week to 10 days shipped from Italy
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We have been in the paramotor business since 1995. We started Skycruiser Manufacturing in 2002. Where in we were manufacturing powered paragliding equipment. At that time we became familar with Polini motors from Italy. We realized a need existed for parts and created Since that time we have expanded the sales of paramotor parts and now carry the largest Polini Engine parts inventory in the US.
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All of These Parts Are OEM Parts Directly From Polini. We Are a Direct Importer

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Safety Bracket for Thor Engines 928.360.012

View Safety Bracket PDF File
  • Polini 130 Starter Recoil Unwinding

    If you’re having a problem with your Polini Thor 130 recoil unwinding when the engine runs at certain RPMs. Polini has developed a new reinforced starter part number 928.075.015.

    If you’d rather repair your existing starter you’ll need: 928.205.003 & 928.265.005

  • Polini Thor Coil Ohms

  • Convert 190 Light Exhaust to 190 Evo

    You have to purchase:

    • N1 928.425.009 Muffler
    • N3 928.265.004 Springs
    • N1 928.275.005 Manifold
    • N1 928.375.005 Rubbers
    • N1 928.426.003 Pins
    • N1 928.426.004 Pins

    Kind regards

  • Muffler for Thor 200/250 Out of Production

    Subject: MUFFLER FOR THOR 200/250 OUT OF PRODUCTION-928.425.003

    MUFFLER FOR THOR 200/250 OUT OF PRODUCTION-928.425.003

    Dear Customer,

    We inform you that the muffler 928.425.003 is out of production. If you need to replace your old muffler, here the list of the parts you have to purchase: 928.425.009 (muffler)

    And the parts to fit it:

    • 928.275.005 – 1
    • 928.375.005 – 1
    • 928.426.003 – 1
    • 928.265.004 – 3

    Best regards

  • Use of Lithium-ion Batteries

    Polini Motori

    Safety Bulleting of 04/06/2018

    SUBJECT: Use of lithium-ion batteries or similar in combination with the Polini Thor engines

    After the receipt of notices of malfunctions of lithium-ion batteries or similar with Polini Thor engines, above all in combination with the voltage regulator Cod. 928.830.001 mounted as standard or as optional on the following engines models:

    • Polini Thor 100
    • Polini Thor 130 and 130 EVO
    • Polini Thor 190 and 190 EVO
    • Polini Thor 200 and 200 EVO
    • Polini Thor 250

    Polini Motori categorically forbids the use of batteries different from the standard sealed lead-acid ones.

    As already specified in the manual of the abovementioned voltage regulator.

    ATTENTION: Non-compliance with these instructions could result in engine damages, personal injuries or death.